Welcome to my new District 4 website


I have spent many hours in discussion with my team on the subject of my new website and what function it should serve now that I’m in office. I’m happy to announce that we’ve put together something awesome.  


For a majority of the aptly named “politician” types a website is little more than a way to solicit campaign donations.  While that is one important aspect of an elected representative’s website, I’ve long thought a truly dedicated representative should be more focused on hearing from those they represent. I know that sounds painfully obvious and practical but the sad truth is it’s drastically absent.  With this new website I aim to change that trend.

There are several aspects of the new District 4 website that I’d like to introduce to you.


From here you’ll have the ability to create a free account, this is very important.  It’s how we know who you are and how to followup with you on your questions and contributions.  


Probably the next most important aspect of the site is the SUGGESTIONS section.  You can find this under the GET INVOLVED tab at the top.  The SUGGESTIONS section is like our community’s online suggestion box where you can drop a line and have it published to the website.  Let’s say you have a great idea on how we can improve the beauty of our medians while also reducing irrigation needs, or, perhaps you’ve noticed an increase in graffiti in your neighborhood and would like to bring it to my attention, this is the place for that.  When you contribute your concerns and ideas publicly on the site it allows for an online dialogue to take place where other folks in the community might offer solutions, echo similar concerns, or provide feedback. 

The SUGGESTIONS section is the primary purpose of the new website.  I’m excited to provide it as a service to our community and I can’t wait to start seeing everything you can do with it.


Obviously you’ve found the BLOG section.  It can be found at the bottom of the Homepage as well as under the BLOG tab.  This is where I intend to bring relevant news and thoughts relating to our part of Fort Worth.  I attend a lot of meetings and talk with many people around town on matters relating to District 4. 


Fairly self explanatory but what would a community website be without an EVENTS section to let all the people know what’s happening around town.  Here, my team will post upcoming events so you’ll have an opportunity to find something that interests you. 


This is the part I dislike the most about winning and holding public office.  That said, nothing else fills me with more pride and honor than when folks in the community donate their hard earned money so that I can keep up the good fight on their behalf.  

My team has made the process of contributing as simple as possible.  Something new they’ve added is the ability to now spread out any donation amount over a number of months up to 6 months.  This can be a tremendous advantage to someone who wants to contribute but doesn’t want to have the total amount hit their account all at once.  All this can be found under the CONTRIBUTE tab.

Volunteer and Sharing  

I would be remiss not to mention how important our volunteers are to the effort.  These were folks from every neighborhood who didn’t just talk the talk but walk the walk.  These were the folks who helped get the word out and who shared it over and over again on social media.  They made phone calls, knocked on doors, and put signs together.  Now we need people from every neighborhood in District 4 to help me achieve the things you elected me to do.  I need your input, your ideas, your solutions, and your energy.  With your support and involvement, we can help steer the future of Fort Worth. 

The VOLUNTEER section and the SHARE section are both under the GET INVOLVED tab at the top.  Jump on in the water’s great!

As you can see we put a lot of thought into the site.  We’re super excited to make it available to you and we can’t wait to see how you’re going to use it.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.