Short-term rental survey [POLL]

As short-term rental services such as Airbnb and VRBO rise in popularity, our neighborhoods are faced with the question of whether or not these types of rentals should be regulated or not. 

Let me know how you feel by taking this one question survey.


Click this link to take the one question survey on short-term rentals in your neighborhood.

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    commented on Short term rental survey 2020-02-06 14:10:38 -0600
    I have one next to me and it is horrible. They turned it into a party house. Bachelor parties, tour buses and who knows what else. Pedophiles scoping out the neighborhood? Been cited often and still keeps renting it. Please keep our neighborhood safe.
    commented on Short term rental survey 2020-01-11 21:30:58 -0600
    When short terms rentals are not the primary use of the property I don’t think the city should get involved but it the home is not the primary residence of the owner then it should be completely subjected to city ordinance, zoning and regulations.
    published Short term rental survey in Videos & Posts 2020-01-09 09:19:22 -0600