North Fort Worth library coming (relatively) soon!

September 05, 2015 at 12pm


It’s been a subject of conversation in North Fort Worth (NFW) for some time now.  “When are we going to get a library up here?”  


     In the fast growing northern reaches of Fort Worth, for many years now, the city has struggled to keep up with the growing demand for city services.  Services many residents, who often feel as if they’ve been forgotten or ignored (except come property tax season), desperately want and need.  It’s no secret, massive NFW property and sales tax dollars are flooding the city coffers.  It’s no wonder then the folks in the North speak almost unanimously about the need for increased and better city service representation.

     With that, I’m so very happy to announce recent Council approval to purchase land for a new NFW library branch to be located near the intersection of Golden Triangle and N. Beach St.  The approval of this purchase in the September 1st Council meeting was the culmination of many hundreds of hours of work done by both NFW community leaders/volunteers and city library staffers alike.  

     There are many great quotes out there that highlight the wonders and wealth a library provides a community.  I like one in particular.  It’s a quote that’s been attributed to Mark Twain’s account on the importance of reading saying, “A Man Who Does Not Read Has No Appreciable Advantage Over the Man Who Cannot Read”.  I’ve always found this quote to be striking in both its observation and implication of the obvious.  While literacy rates for Fort Worth are on an up-tic, so too are the rates at which our children opt for a YouTube video over an article or dare I say, a good book.  I believe this library brings with it a repository of knowledge that can be found in the many great books it will house as well as through its technological tools and online access.

     Libraries are no longer dusty, quiet halls with strict librarians at the ready.  No, a library in this day and age is a bright, exciting and modern venue that fills a vast assortment of community needs.  It provides everything from space for community meetings, morning yoga and computer learning classes to individual study spaces, child-centered activities and tutoring.  Of course you can still check out books, movies and music at libraries too.  

The benefits a library brings a community are vast, limited only by its ability to fill the hungry imagination of a child  


     The great news of a new NFW library comes at the same time the NFW Heritage community cuts the ribbon on the first Little Free Library in the area.  If you haven’t yet heard of the Little Free Libraries I urge you to check it out.  The Little Free Library is truly a community-centered, community-built concept that makes reading both an adventure and precisely free (i.e. tax-free).  The opening of this Little Free Library located at the Heritage Clubhouse is the first of its kind in our area but certainly not the last.  If you’re fortunate enough to happen across one of these little gems I urge you to open it up and borrow a book (or drop one off). Of course, if you haven’t seen one of these yet in your neighborhood, all that’s missing is a little library initiative and a few good friends to make it happen.  

      I’d like to take this opportunity now to recognize those who played a key role in bringing both the NFW Library and the Little Free Library to fruition.  

     On behalf of all the learned and soon to be… the avid readers and those just discovering the magic of the written word… the community meeting attendees and those just needing a quiet place of study…

Thank you!

My fellow Council members, past and present

FW Library Director, Dr. Gleniece Robinson 

The entire FW Library Administration

Little Free Library Project Director, Alicia Ortiz

BSA Eagle Scout, Nathan Talbot

The Heritage HOA Board

Heritage Property Manager, Laurie Lorensen

Library Volunteer, Mindy Gant 


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