More apt coming to NFW [VIDEO]

April 23, 2016 at 1:45pm

Developer wins apartments against will of community

As your councilman, I heard loud and clear that the folks in NFW didn’t want more apartments at Shiver and N. Beach. Unfortunately, the zoning change wasn’t approved. On May 2nd, the Mayor and council will vote to allow affordable housing waivers in this development. Please be a part of the public process and attend this council meeting and have your voice heard. 

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    Just goes to show that it does not matter what the people say or vote for, The city is going to do what they want when dollar signs are attached, As if we don’t have enough people living in the area already, I agree with most here that this will only bring more crime and mischief to a beautiful area, and lower our home values. Its all a rouse they let you think your voice and opinions matter, all that really matters to the politicians is who offers the bigger kickback!!
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    I have lived in the Heritage community 3 different times over the past 12 years. To me, it is the nicest, safest community in all of Fort Worth. Unfortunately, I have watched it decline over the past few years with the addition of several apartment communities being added around the community. Let’s be honest most apartment complexes (unless they are luxury) typically drive house values down over time, creating a domino effect of house values plummeting and crime skyrocketing.

    Not only do I live in the Heritage but I’m about to sign a multi-year lease with Castle Development for the region’s most state of the art medical imaging center, offering 3 Tesla MRI to northern Tarrant and surrounding counties. I chose this area (just north of the proposed development) because of the area’s demographics and the lack of state of the art MRI equipment in the region. However, if this does pass tomorrow, I will probably be inclined to look into other areas nearby, such as Keller or Southlake. Thanks for listening.
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    I do not understand why or how, in an area that can get high rent, or even make millions off of land, we would put “affordable living” next door to luxury? Is it because we have so many Walmarts?
    I am all for affordable living, but why would we add it in an area that homes are on average over $300K? Why not build affordable housing near the trailer park off Golden Triangle? Or near the Pine Tree Estates?
    The very people whom pay some of the highest taxes for Tarrant County, not to mention Keller School tax, are paying for low income people to live next door? Who thinks this stuff out? I can see resentment on both sides. Watch the crime rate soar!
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    This proposed complex will be directly behind my home. I’m not a builder but it appears there will have to be tons of fill dirt brought in and a retaining wall built for whatever is built there. If I remember the city codes correctly a fence would have to be built if it were commercial property but not for residential. Regardless of what is built I would like to see a fence on top of the retaining wall. Another concern with apartments and vouchers is the possibility of the complex not having a play area and the children will come into our neighborhood to use the small playground area we have which is city owned but our HOA fees pay to maintain. Another concern is how the apartment traffic will enter and exit. Off of N. Beach or off of Shiver? Off of Shiver could be dangerous and off of N. Beach could be troublesome when there are certain times of the day that long lines of traffic are backed up at the light.
    What rankles me most of all is my do nothing HOA. I’m not sure when the surrounding communities received notice of these plans but to date our community, which is directly effected, hasn’t heard a word from our Board of Directors nor from SBB the management company. I would appreciate it if Councilman Moon would tell me if any of our BOD have shown up at the meetings or if Arcadia Park IV has sent letters of concern like the surrounding HOA’s and other community groups.
    Thank you Councilman Moon and surrounding community groups for your support.
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    Thanks for the great post! Glad to see our voices don’t go unheard!
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    I work very closely with Councilman Moon in his efforts to receive feedback from the residents he represents in District 4. I say, with out a doubt, he doesn’t want these apartments any more than any of us do. He met with hundreds of folks who live around this area to get their feedback on changing the zoning from what it is now (apartments) to single family zoning and there was unanimous support. This support came from Heritage Glen, Heritage, and the North Fort Worth Alliance. Councilman Moon took their message, the very message Robert and Brenda echo here, to the council last Tuesday but he could not win a super majority of the vote to affect that zoning change to single family. So now, on May 3rd, he’s having to fight to off the issuance of “Affordable Housing Vouchers”. Which, in laymen’s terms = low rent projects. Councilman Moon has heard our voice and is fighting to represent our wishes. Now we have to express to the rest of the council that they need to do the same. If we as citizens can stop the “Affordable Housing Vouchers” than we may be able to stop any apartments from coming to that area at all. The land/location is too valuable for an apartment to do well. Without the vouchers it will likely get developed as retail/commercial or even single family homes (finger crossed). My suggestion is to go to the council meeting downtown at city hall on May 3rd to let them see and hear what their doing to our home values.
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    I totally agree with you!
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    Enough apartments!!! This is a family safe development – with apartments comes crime! DO NOT build any more apartments around Heritage!!!!
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    As a 21 Yr Ret U.S. ARMY Combat Veteran who sacrificed and saved hard to purchase my home 1yr ago, do not agree with bringing more apartments to NFW. With bringing in more apartments brings trouble for our home values . That is the main reason alot of people in Hertiage community have purchased here. So please fight for the home team and get rid of this zoning for lower income quote (Affordable Housing). We has home owners have righs as well!!!!