Here’s how the wheels came off Fort Worth’s plan for better transit [Star-Telegram]


Plans to add $2.8 million in city bus service stalled last week, and City Council appeared to be asleep at the wheel.

Raising taxes even only $7 extra per year for a smidgen more public transit led to a complete mechanical breakdown at City Hall, and Councilman Cary Moon intentionally blocked a plan that had been on wobbly wheels from the start.

One day after Moon no-showed a budget hearing, killing a council quorum and the plan — he chose to stand outside City Hall doing TV interviews — Moon told a neighborhood forum Saturday he instead wants a countywide election on $1.2 billion for regional rail.

“We need a mass transit system that will attract corporate headquarters like Amazon, and that doesn’t rely on buses,” Moon said, saying he skipped the public hearing because the proposal came late and only improved bus service for west Fort Worth, which is not his district.

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