Concrete Recycling Plant Stopped

June 02, 2016 at 8:09pm

I'm happy to announce your voice has been heard and delivered.  After hearing from nearly a thousand East Fort Worth residents, 99% of which were opposed to the zoning change that would have allowed a concrete recycling plant at 5300 E 1st St, I was able to set up a meeting with the developer to deliver your opposition.

Through our discussion the developer came to understand the concrete recycling plant was not a good fit for our community and decided to discontinue their application for the zoning change.  The concrete recycling plant will not be built.

This was a public process that would not have been complete without your voice. Special thanks to all who took the time to fill out the survey at, send me emails, call, message me and visit me in the office.  Thank you also to the property owner for hearing the community and taking it upon themselves to discontinue their zoning change request.  It's our hope the property owner sees the community interest in this area and considers bringing in restaurants, markets, public facilities and retail that better match the needs of our community.

This is a win for the folks in East Fort Worth.  It's also a win for our open and fair public process.  Through that established process the land owner was able to seek a zoning change that would have allowed a concrete recycling plant to be built on their land. Conversely, we the people living in and around the area directly affected by that zoning change were allowed to voice our opinion on that request.  I, as both yours and the land owner's representative, acted as an unbiased facilitator for this process.  I'm honored to have had the opportunity to play such a role and to do so in a way that was equitable to all.

Thank you again for your interest and involvement.

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