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Proper representation requires Councilman Cary Moon know your neighborhood needs, wants and desires. There's many ways of communicating these to him, through phone calls, text messages, emails, town hall meetings and through this community website.  Drop him a line below and let him know what's on your mind. 

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Brown and LGBTQ are the new Black in Ft. Worth.

We must stand together and embrace humanity. Stand united in opposition to SB4!

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Property Tax Too High

I live in Summerfield subdivision in Fort Worth 76137. The property tax on my home that I purchased in 1999 have increased steadily over the years but have gotten out of control in the last 2 years. I want to retire in this home in a few years but at this rate I will not be able to afford my home on a fixed income - even if my home is paid for. I don't have kids in school yet over half of my tax payment is going to Keller ISD. With all of the development in the area can't that be enough income to hold down the increases to our property tax?

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Higher end Shopping, Dinning and Dancing

We need to bring in high end shopping, restaurants, dining and dancing. We have enough lower scale places to Dine and shop, I would much rather spend my money in my local area instead of having to go into Southlake, Dallas or Downtown Fort Worth. Please it's time to dress up Keller!!!

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I-30 Noise

I live in Eastern Hills, and I cannot carry on a normal conversation in my back yard, because of the noise level from the I-30 traffic. Why can't we get some kind of sound barriers put up, like the ones they have in other parts of town?

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Old Denton road update North of 1709

Old Denton road just North of 1709 is in bad shape. I know there is a lot of drainage work to be done on that section but there is a storage facility and a strip shopping unit that could help finance this update to old Denton.

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Cary why do you think a zoning change 16-096 is a good idea.

Official response from submitted
Publicly, I have not made my professional opinion known on the Zoning Case. My office communication on this ZC has been: 
1) I will follow the public sentiment on the development
2) We have to afford any Land Owner/developer a Public Process.

This is the same approach I have taken on the two ZC in Dist 4, which both were MultiFamily projects. On both of these projects, I encouraged the developer to reach out to the Neighborhoods. I participated in these meeting, very objectively. From there, I gathered public sentiment and voted in line with that sentiment. 

For ZC 16 096, there are 2 public meetings this Tuesday at Nolan HS. I will conduct a meeting at 6:30pm. The Land Owner will conduct a meeting at 7:00pm. Please join us if able. 
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Speaking At Council

How can we speak at council tonight and what is the agenda item for the development on North Beach.

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Fossil Ridge Road and North Riverside Blvd.

Ever since Riverside opened up the thoroughfare to the Merchantile area, the traffic on North Riverside Blvd has increased. The Fossil Ridge Housing area has only two exits. One exit turns onto Western Center and you can ONLY make a right turn going West. The other exit is Fossil Ridge Blvd, which has become increasingly dangerous at time due to several factors. First, there is a wall at the entrance of the housing area that blocks the oncoming traffic southbound from Basswood that with the traffic that is suppose to be driving at 40 mph, it doesn't give you the proper viewing distance to turn left out of the housing area. Then, the speed limit is suppose to be 40 mph, but there are people that are driving 45 - 50 mph along this road, especially during rush hours. During the rush hour periods, it is nearly impossible to do a left hand turn out of this housing area and even a right hand turn gets tricky. My suggestions to resolve these issues are: A sensored stop light at Fossil Ridge and North Riverside. Take down the wall that is next to the Extended Care facilities, which would allow a second left hand turn out of the housing area onto Western Center Blvd. Either that or change the median on Western Center to allow a left turn from Friendsway and place a stop light there. Last suggestion is to change the speed limit to 35 mph on North Riverside Blvd and have the speed sensor that shows how fast the people are driving. We could really use your help. There are several elderly people who live in this area and there could be a really bad accident one of these days. If you would like to see what I mean, park near the park from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and you will see what I mean. Park at the stop sign and see if you can see all the way up the street for the cars that are speeding towards you? I have an 80 year old parents that are scared to cross this road even when someone else is driving because of the oncoming traffic from both directions. We would appreciate your assistance.

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Emergency Signal System

Anyone else having problems hearing the Warning Sirens in Woodhave/WLH area?? I could just nearly hear it on a clear day while I was outdoor running,and listening FOR it at 1PM on this past Wednesday. NO WAY anyone would hear it if there were storms and wind noise!!! What Gives?? I want answers!

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