Bell helicopters are shifting their flight patterns.

March 25, 2016 at 10:51am

A lot of work and conversations with Bell have taken place and the following is in response to being the voice you have allowed me to be for you - 


Effective Monday (March 28), Bell Helicopter will be shifting the northbound flights to Rufe Snow, and the southbound flights over 377, resulting in a 50% reduction of aircraft flights currently impacting homes.  


The flight paths will also shift over the roadway, which means they will fly more directly over 377 vs on the sides.  That should further reduce the noise signature.


Bell is also in the early stages of working with the FAA to request a special “carve out” in DFW’s Class B airspace that, if approved, will allow them to fly several hundred feet higher.  


That process could take several months to complete due to the complexities of managing DFW flight paths, but that process has been initiated. 


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