Affordable housing [VIDEO]

May 04, 2016 at 10pm

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    I should be clear after my comment below that I have a great appreciation for Cary Moon and the work he is doing on council. I do not have a solution for the direction of the area that we live. Perhaps it is due to the transient nature of the population here, which shows in the voter participation numbers.

    TinaMarie, I suspect that there is something tying you to the area and you are not here solely by choice. For us it a promise to our kids not to move out of the school zone, my youngest has four years left. However, it is still frustrating to see a great opportunity wasted. I am confused with Hillwood and the direction they are taking the area, it is the equivalent of building a million dollar mansion and filling it with Walmart furnishings and decor.
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    I have to agree with you Richard. I’m upset that every time I want to go out to a nice dinner, I have to travel to Southlake… I’m not a fast foodie person, so get rid of the MC Donalds, DQ’s, and build some decent restaurants, and higher end shopping. Along with some upper scale places to go out to dine and dance. Bronson Rock is ok on occasion, but really the only place to go dancing, besides the cigarette smoke is horrible. I think the Alliance Town Center is a waste of money. I hardly ever go there for shopping, besides it being a nightmare to get in and out of. If I’m paying high taxes, than please give me some high end places to go so that I feel like my tax dollars are at work!!!
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    I question why three of our city council, Zadeh, Gray, and Bivens, would vote against what the majority of their constituents whom they are suppose to represent, and their constituents definitively voiced that we are against the the Affordable Housing Project. Zadeh, Gray, and Bivens actions go completely against their obligations to stand up and vote the way the majority of the people they represent. And they
    need to be removed from office. They are not their to vote for how “they feel” and the way “they want”. This is what is wrong with politicians and representatives in our government, and we the people need to take it back. They work for us, not the other way around. Becoming a civil servant started out to be an honor and sacrifice to the community…. It has now become a way for people to gain power and control while lining their pockets are our expense. I’m extremely proud of everyone in my community who took the time to make their voices heard, and let’s continue to shape our city into the area we want to live in. Let’s not have it stolen by the minority who want to line their pockets on our expense.
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    Although I was pleased with the rejection of affordable housing on North Beach, I am still very frustrated with the direction of the community from the city and developers.

    Our community had a charter bus and I believe about 100 residents show up to voice their outrage (or disapproval). However, my frustration shared by my neighbors, was with our “volunteer” community leaders and HOA leaders. So NOW you are aware of what is happening in our community? The very people that seem to be more interested in gaining favor with our elected leaders and the developers, than actually sharing opinions from the community that may not be appreciated? The very leaders that would only respond with blank stares or grumblings of “complaining” when time and again, complaints of the nature of development were made? NEWSFLASH!!! If you allow a Super Walmart, a Neighborhood Walmart, Sonic and every other variety of fast food restaurant to come to an area, then guess what….. Low income will follow. The fact that the area has been developed in this way (and allowed to) around anchors of Nice mid-range/ high end residential neighborhoods is maddening. We won the battle, but I fear the war is lost…

    Here is a little anecdotal evidence: We ran into a friend who is a senior manager with BNSF. He was proud to tell us that they were finally moving from Heritage. We understood, but he told a story of VIP’s from a contractor looking to locate with Hillwood. At the end of the tour, one of the visitors asked where in Alliance was a “nice” restaurant for a working dinner. The answer, was “there is not one” They had to drive to Roanoke where they dined at “The Classic”. Later that day on a community update page I help manage, there was an announcement that “El Pollo Loco” was being built, followed by a throng of “Hoorays” from members in the community.

    We need to stand up to the developer, but as each day passes, more people who want a nice, safe, interesting and unique community will choose to leave, and more people who either do not care, or are too overwhelmed with finances to care will arrive. It is worth fighting the battles, but unless leadership changes, the war is lost.
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    Proud of our communities strength and our leaders for making the right decision. Thank you to everyone that was involved and for those who took the time to go represent for those who were unable due to work or other activities that were taking place. Last but not least, thanks Cary Moon for your efforts, for listening, and genuinely caring about our living atmosphere. You have my family’s support and I’m sure many others.