Cary why do you think a zoning change 16-096 is a good idea.

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Publicly, I have not made my professional opinion known on the Zoning Case. My office communication on this ZC has been: 
1) I will follow the public sentiment on the development
2) We have to afford any Land Owner/developer a Public Process.

This is the same approach I have taken on the two ZC in Dist 4, which both were MultiFamily projects. On both of these projects, I encouraged the developer to reach out to the Neighborhoods. I participated in these meeting, very objectively. From there, I gathered public sentiment and voted in line with that sentiment. 

For ZC 16 096, there are 2 public meetings this Tuesday at Nolan HS. I will conduct a meeting at 6:30pm. The Land Owner will conduct a meeting at 7:00pm. Please join us if able. 


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    Thank you for your comment. RNA will have a representative at the forum.
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    Thank you for your explanation. We’ll be at those meetings for sure.
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