I am asking for your vote on May 01, 2021, to serve our city for another 2 year term.


About Cary Moon's Office

IMPROVING CITY FINANCIALS: As Chair of the Audit Committee, Cary has uncovered millions of dollars in lost revenue and saved hundreds of thousands in unnecessary expense while correcting government inefficiencies. With revenue, millions of dollars of tax dollars were recognized through eliminating inaccurate historical exemptions.  On accounts payables, the audit committee identified fraudulent ACH vendor payments and advances to vendors that were never collected at contract deadlines. Multiple internal payroll audits identified errors in retirement benefits and errors in employee payroll checks. On the balance sheet, a million dollars were erroneously listed as a restricted asset that should have been realized as income. Some of this work is documented ‘In the News’ link of this webpage.

PROPERTY TAXES: With city revenue, increasing property taxes is never an option. Cary has identified tens of millions of new city revenue that was not property taxes. Altering the investments in the city’s $1B investment portfolio and increasing user fees and citations for more than 300 revenue GL accounts. Maintaining the Effective Tax Rate in each fiscal year is top priority.   

UPDATED CITY ORDINACES and PROCESSES:  - Responding quickly to the needs and sentiment of Fort Worth residents remain his priority. Cary has actively worked to update ordinances, passing more ordinances than all other City Council Members combined. Updates to city ordinances include: Trailer Parking, Pedestrian Panhandling, Monument Sign Ordinance, Camping Ordinance, and more.

With our Schools, Cary increased the number of School Crossing Guards by increasing wages and getting them paid more timely. Safe Routes to School has been a priority, as is working with the ISD’s to emphasize education in all aspects of city involvement.   

In Development Services, Cary added the ‘X-Team’ to facilitate building permits and added a Conditional Use Permit to give residents more control over development in their neighborhood.

SMARTER DEVELOPMENT - Cary Moon's office has restricted development in the north part of the district and brought development to the east part of the district. Updating building standards to ensure a quality product while enhancing city processes for more timely permitting.

CURTAILING MULTI-FAMILY DEVELOPMENT: Cary has fought to make sure Multifamily developers pay property taxes. Further, fighting to ensure that Multifamily development does not encroach on single family homes. In 2016, Cary re-zoned 18 vacant land sites so that multi-family could not be built without a public zoning process. 

IN THE NORTH: Cary delivered the North Patrol Police Station and the Golden Triangle Library to the far north. A $4M redevelopment of North Park will be completed in 2021. Cary has acquired financing for all major road improvements in District 4. His understanding of city finances provides a unique ability to recognize various funding sources to pay for roads and intersection improvements. His current challenge to staff is identifying measures for the city to design and build roads faster. Looking for more efficient methods to acquire ROW while reducing the time allotted for utility companies to relocate utility infrastructure.

IN THE EAST: Cary has been committed to bringing private and public dollars to the east while improving infrastructure. Cary has deployed millions of city dollars to connect sidewalks, wrap electrical boxes, paint light polls, plant trees, and improve drainage, while increasing CDBG funding for educational programs.

In 2016, Cary delivered the improvement of E Loop 820, widening lanes from Randol Mill to HW 121. The shovel-ready project had been in design for 30 years before Cary in his roll on the Regional Transit Authority facilitated the acquisition of $128M from Gov Abbot Congestion Relief Plan.

In 2017, Cary brought a $25M education development to Boca Raton Blvd. Selling a non-performing city asset and moving the million dollars of proceeds into city parks. 

EQUITY: Ensuring an equal opportunity in education, housing, criminal justice, transportation, and health remains a top priority for Cary and his office. To improve Community Policing, the Fort Worth Mayor and Council and FWPD have banned choke holds, added de-escalation training, added crisis intervention teams, and updated training standards at all levels.

Funding for road infrastructure  - Cary Moon's office has obtained financing on all major road improvements in District 4.



City of Fort Worth

  • Internal Audit, Chair                                  

  • Tax Increment Finance District 7, Chair              

  • Tax Increment Finance District 13, Chair

  • Public Housing Finance Commission

North Texas Council of Governments            

  • Regional Transportation Council              



Cary grew up in Burleson, TX and is a graduate of Texas A&M University. He has lived in Fort Worth for 22 years. His wife Alisha and he have two daughters.  


Professionally, Cary brings an executive-level set of skills from two industries - finance and development. In the finance world, he was one of the youngest bank CEO’s in the nation during the 2008 Banking Crisis. Leading his bank thru a time of economic uncertainty without the assistance of Government TARP money. Cary also served as CFO of a $48M medical company. These executive level experiences add a high-level of financial acumen to his role as District 4 Council member with the City of Fort Worth.

In the development community, Cary has developed retail and medical real estate projects in several states and in most counties in North Texas. He is able to apply his development experiences to give residents more control over development and to make sure developers pay taxes to our schools and city.  

Cary maintains a portfolio of businesses and properties while also continuing to enjoy fishing with his daughters and bird hunting with his Labradors.